EHSS can provide extensive environmental advisory services pertaining to the review and interpretation of new and existing environmental and health and safety regulations. EHSS personnel can develop and implement strategies to meet applicable regulations. Compliance strategies may include the development of required environmental and/or health and safety plans, permit applications or redesign of facility processes. EHSS also possesses the capability to design and construct monitoring equipment to meet and even exceed regulatory standards. Monitoring equipment is designed using the most current and advanced technology with the objective of creating wholly autonomous monitoring systems.

EHSS personnel can provide services to design and implement audit programs. Audit programs can include internal audits, third party conducted audits and lessee and vendor audits. Audits can serve as an important diagnostic tool in evaluating a facility’s overall environmental and health and safety management system. Audit protocols promote consistency among regulated entities and ensure audits are conducted in a concise and comprehensive manner. EHSS will develop an audit program based on the client’s specific needs. An internal audit program consists of development of audit protocols used internally to verify environmental and health and safety compliance. Internal audits are conducted by a facility employee with sufficient knowledge to conduct a thorough investigation utilizing a predetermined set of criteria. EHSS can also develop an audit program for use by a third party. Third party audits are conducted to assist a facility in obtaining an outside perspective of their environmental health and safety compliance. EHSS will also assist the client in development of a system used to identify and track corrective actions resulting from audit findings. Identifying potential environmental safety and health liabilities can reduce unnecessary expenditures and improve the perception of the company’s environmental and health and safety stewardship and commitment to sustainability.