The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Final Rule for Occupational Noise Exposure for Railroad Operating Employees – 49 CFR Parts 227 and 229 – was enacted on February 26, 2007. This regulation required all railroads to conduct noise exposure monitoring for railroad employees whose primary exposure to noise is inside the locomotive cab. If these employees have a dose equal to or greater than an 8-hour Time Weighted Average (TWA8) of 85 dBA, the railroad must implement a Hearing Conservation Program. Additional requirements are applicable to employees with TWA8 exposures above 90 dBA. 49 CFR Part 227 also requires employee exposures to continuous noise greater than 115 dBA and equal to or less than 120 dBA have a total daily duration of sound levels in this range not to exceed 5 seconds.

EHSS has a team of highly qualified individuals to assist you in complying with this FRA regulation. EHSS will work with the railroad to design a sampling strategy specific to the railroad’s needs. EHSS will provide all equipment and manpower to conduct all required noise monitoring and will generate all noise monitoring documentation required for employee posting. Based on results collected from locomotive noise monitoring, the railroad may be required to develop and implement a comprehensive Hearing Conservation Program. EHSS can assist the railroad in establishing a Hearing Conservation Program designed specifically for the employees of the railroad and in compliance with applicable FRA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. In conjunction with the Hearing Conservation Program, EHSS can also assist the railroad in selection and implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for the affected employees if it is determined PPE is required. Additionally, EHSS can provide training for employees on the contents of the Hearing Conservation Program and/or guidance for proper selection, maintenance, use and storage of PPE.

Contact EHSS for additional information regarding assistance in complying with the Occupational Noise Exposure FRA regulation. EHSS can assist you in identifying a high-quality and cost effective strategy for compliance.