Environmental Project Experience

EHSS can assist industries with numerous environmental related issues. Our services are wide ranging and include such projects as development and implementation of waste management programs and hazardous waste management compliance programs. EHSS also supports our clients in their goals to achieve environmental compliance and sustainability through projects such as environmental audits and sustainability assurance reviews. Team members have also successfully developed and implemented training programs for a diverse client base.

Industrial Hygiene / Health and Safety Project Experience

EHSS professionals have extensive experience with a wide array of industrial hygiene and health and safety projects. Our industrial hygienists can assist with both air and noise monitoring campaigns conducted to evaluate overall regulatory compliance. Our team members have developed and implemented numerous industrial hygiene related programs and industrial hygiene compliance training programs for small business, large corporations and Federal installations.

EHSS has Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals which can assist with a full range of health and safety related monitoring campaigns and industrial hygiene surveys to ensure a healthy working environment for employees and to comply with applicable regulations. EHSS has also worked closely with clients to develop innovative solutions to specific health and safety related regulations. EHSS has designed, developed and constructed a state of the art autonomous sound level recording device in response to regulations which have enabled clients to meet and even exceed federally enacted regulations.