EHSS team members are widely recognized for their ability to produce highly regarded work products capable of withstanding scientific and technical review and examination in a judicial forum. The EHSS team consists of specialized individuals, each of whom performs projects in their areas of professional expertise. Each member conducts their respective project fieldwork, project management and report preparation to ensure projects are consistent and the projects will exceed client expectations. EHSS client fieldwork is completed by only experienced senior personnel to guarantee our clients receive exceptional and defensible work products.

Shawna Trader, CSP, OHST, CHMM, REM, CEA

Ms. Trader has over 18 years of technical experience as an Environmental Scientist, Industrial Hygienist, Research Scientist, Environmental Biologist, Analyst and Naturalist. Ms. Trader received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Science and a Masters of Science in Occupational Safety and Health and a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering. Ms. Trader is well practiced conducting extensive multi-media environmental audits and health and safety audits. She has also played an integral role in development and implementation of comprehensive client environmental and health and safety management systems. She has designed numerous training programs for both environmental and health and safety issues including, but not limited to, General Environmental Awareness, Clean Water Act, Hazardous Waste Management, Storm Water Management, Asbestos Awareness, Transformer Management, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, Globally Harmonized System, Toxic Substance Control Act and a variety of other environmental and health and safety topics. Ms. Trader also has conducted numerous phase one environmental site assessments with emphasis on wetlands, conducted gap analyses for environmental and health and safety programs, performed random water and biological sampling and asbestos and lead-based paint surveys. She is a skilled technical writer covering a wide range of topics and is well practiced in communications with OSHA, EPA and attorney correspondence. Ms. Trader also has experience in the instruction of elementary education of conservation, pollution prevention, recycling and the protection of endangered species.

Travis Trader, CIH, CSP, REM

Mr. Trader manages EHSS’s Industrial Hygiene program. He has over 17 years of technical experience as an Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Scientist, Research Scientist, Project Manager, Department Manager and Analyst. Mr. Trader received his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and continuously obtains training in industrial hygiene and safety specialty topics. Mr. Trader designed, developed, constructed and patented an autonomous sound recording device used to transmit locomotive noise horn signatures to a central data management site. These systems effectively monitor employee exposure to repeated horn soundings. He manages and performs quality assurance and control of data and instrumentation and prepares and submits locomotive horn certifications for compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration regulation. Mr. Trader also provides continuous technical expertise and program support for the autonomous sound recording devices. He also has extensive experience in managing and conducting exposure assessments for Time Weighted Averages and Short Term Exposure Limits as well as developing and reviewing industrial hygiene and safety programs and processes. Mr. Trader develops new programs in areas without an existing required program. Programs include Confined Space, Control of Hazardous Energy, Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Occupational Noise Exposure, Respiratory Protection, Blood Lead program, Radiation Hazards, Heat and Cold Stress, Ergonomics, Worker Exposure Response and Personal Protective Equipment

Frank P. Damato, CSP, OHST

US Navy Retired

Mr. Damato is an accomplished occupational health and safety professional with over 20 years of industrial hygiene and safety related experience. He received his Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education, Training and Development. He has specialized expertise in industrial hygiene assessments, occupational health and safety program review, hazard identification surveys and indoor air quality and investigations. Mr. Damato is an experienced trainer and is authorized to teach the OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour General Industry classes, and is highly qualified on many other health and safety topics. Previous work experience includes both consulting and U. S. government environments. Mr. Damato has extensive experience in assessing employee exposure to hazardous, or potentially hazardous, materials. He conducts exposure assessment of a facility or a facility process to identify potential risks to employees and evaluates all aspects related to the facility or process to determine the level of employee occupational exposures. He is skilled in providing realistic and cost effective recommendations to protect employees from hazardous exposures.